Produced By: Patagonia
Directed By: Britton Caillouette
Duration: 0:45:00
Synopsis: The Balkan Peninsula is home to the last wild rivers in Europe. However, a deluge of hydropower development threatens to destroy the culture and ecology of this forgotten region. If fierce local opposition fails, the sparkling creeks, raging tributaries and swift, braided currents  of the last undammed watersheds on the continent will be corralled by more than 3,000 proposed dams.

Activists, who span the shores of these rivers in six countries, and European NGOs such as Riverwatch (run by German activist Ulrich Eichelmann) are fighting against deep government corruption and huge sums of foreign money. Our film documents the battle for the Vjosa, in Albania, the biggest undammed river in Europe; the effort to save the endangered Balkan Lynx in Macedonia; and the women of Kruščica, Bosnia, who are spearheading a months-long, 24/7 protest to protect their community’s only source of drinking water. These and other stories properly illustrate for the first time the biggest potential environmental disaster in Europe.

Directed By: Louie Psihoyos
Duration: 1:30:00

Scientists predict that humanity’s footprint on the planet may cause the loss of 50% of all species by the end of the century. They believe we have entered the sixth major extinction in Earth’s history, following the fifth great extinction which took out the dinosaurs. Our era is called the Anthropocene, or “Age of Man,” because evidence shows that humanity has sparked a cataclysmic change of the world’s natural environment and animal life. Yet, we are the only ones who can stop the change we have created.

The Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), the group behind the Academy Award®-winning film THE COVE, is back with the new groundbreaking documentary RACING EXTINCTION. Joined by new innovators, OPS brings a voice to the thousands of species teetering on the very edge of life.

This highly charged, impassioned collective of activists is out to expose the two major threats to endangered wild species across the globe. The first comes from the international wildlife trade, and the bogus medicinal cures and tonics that are marketed to the public at the expense of creatures who have survived on this planet for millions of years. The second threat is all around us, hiding in plain sight. It is a hidden world of carbon emissions and acidified oceans that are incompatible with existing animal life. It is a world, revealed with state-of-the-art photographic technology, that oil and gas companies don’t want us to see.

Director Louie Psihoyos has crafted an ambitious mission to clearly and artfully pull into focus our impact on the planet, while inspiring us all to embrace the solutions that will ensure a thriving, biodiverse world for future generations.

Directed By: Nikki Dodd and Rory Moon
Duration: 0:07:39

Plastic is all around us. From packaging for our food to synthetic fabric for our clothes, plastic has become an inescapable reality. A significant portion of this plastic winds up in the ocean, where it not only threatens marine life, but human health too. When did we become so addicted to plastic? And what can we do to break our addiction?

Directed By: Michael Schlamberger
Duration: 1:30:00

Michael Schlamberger’s “The Canary Islands – World of the Fire Mountains” is a fascinating, insightful and
thought-provoking cinematic nature documentary, produced in 4K, filmed from a new and unique perspective.

The land, aerial and underwater imagery, together with high-speed filming, macro photography and CGI, will take the viewer on an adventure beyond tourism to experience the islands as never seen before.

Duration: 0:06:22

An immersive insight into the life of freedivers Christina and Eusebio Saenz De Santamaria as they attempt to set a new world record.

Directed By: Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Duration: 0:06:52

“Jala Vijaya” is about a group of volunteers in the Sirsi town of Karnataka who are working relentlessly to renovate water sources mainly the lakes and ponds in and around the town. Without waiting for any aid from the government this group of people have taken the matter into their hands and are devoting their personal time to rebuild the forgotten lakes. This is a group of energetic and highly driven people who are wearing  all the hats – from fund raisers to all the way till the meticulous planners of the renovation. The short film covers the story of the team – ‘Jeevajala Kaaryapade‘ from how it was born and all the way till its ultimate vision.

Produced By: The Jetlagged
Duration: 0:07:55

In The Jetlagged’s short film “FRAGILE – WHY TURTLE HATCHLINGS NEED THE SEA (2018), the filmmakers interview sea turtle conservationist Siân Williams of the Gili Eco Trust.Sea turtles are facing challenging changes to their habitats and encounter all kinds new dangers imposed upon them by modern humans. All sea turtle species are threatened with extinction. To help save sea turtles, marine conservation facilities around the world hatch sea turtle eggs and keep the hatchlings in tanks until they have grown stronger and more fit for a survival in the wild. Siân explains why baby sea turtles need the sea immediately after they hatched out of their nests and why it is best to let nature take care of them.

Directed By: Marko Röhr and Kim Saarniluoto
Duration: 1:12:51

Tale of a Lake is a film about the thousands of lakes that Finland is known for. It takes the viewers on an unprecedented adventure, ranging from crystal clear springs all the way to the basins of the big lakes. It opens a whole new world of underwater nature for the viewers and tells many of the old tales and beliefs that abound in the land of thousands of lakes.
The film is told through tales that are based on the myths, legends and old beliefs found in Finnish mythology.

Directed By: Matthew Podolsky and Sean Bogle
Duration: 0:30:00

Souls of the Vermilion Sea is a documentary film and media outreach project focused on the struggle to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal, the vaquita. Over the past several years the team has been working to spread awareness of this issue through a variety of media platforms and spearheading the conservation of the vaquita.

Directed By: Skyler Thomas
Duration: 0:08:36

Discovering the horrific manner of death caused by shark nets is the beginning of the wake up call to shark culling. Next in the nightmare is realizing how many different species are affecting. If that wasn’t bad enough, then you learn that culling doesn’t even accomplish the goals they are implemented for. But the final straw is that those behind the nets are aware that culling is a lie, and they knowingly allow the death and suffering to continue for their personal interests.

The statistics are so staggering that the overwhelming reality is too much for many of us to handle, and instead we turn a blind eye…but these are not numbers. These are mothers and children suffering horrifically at our hands.

Directed By: Alexander Lahl and Max Mönch
Duration: 0:52:00

What if a country didn’t end at the coastline but would simply continue under water? A territory the size of a continent  would come up, a territory uncontrolled and open for seizure. “Ocean’s Monopoly” tells the story of the biggest land grab in world history.

Duration: 0:27:47

The story of Silent Valley is more than that of a forest. It is the story of River Kunthi. It is the story of an unimaginably beautiful and sensitive land that is home to millions of lives. It is our story too, humans who depend on nature for sustenance. It is, above all, the story of a selfless battle, to protect Nature.  It is one of the very few battles won; the war continues…
The flow of this river and the forests it originated from, held our attention and alertness for years in the mid 70s and 80s. Perhaps it was the first sensible dialogue that started between development & conservation in India. This film tells you the entire history of saving Silent valley for posterity.