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Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary

I​ live and work at the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary (, a forest garden and community in the Western Ghats of Kerala that is devoted to plant conservation, habitat restoration and nature education. I​ write occasionally. My​ essays can be read in The Indian Quarterly, EarthLines Magazine, Hard News, The Journal of Krishnamurti Schools, The Economic and Political Weekly, and Creatures of Gurukula (the blog of GBS). ​I​ also participate in and counsel across the Western Ghats, on the practice of ecological nurturance: a combination of strategies from plant conservation and education, community work, land-based cultural renewal, and resistance.

Talk Title: Where do you end and I begin?

Having lived by​ a stream for 24 years, one of the tiny headwater tributaries of the Kaveri, every cell in my​ body ​by now is​ ​nourished by​ this water. So where do I​ end and where does the stream begin?

Moreover, all of us in this​ human-nonhuman community have nurtured the water too, by protecting the banks, and a tiny area of forest, and the myriad plants and animals for whom it’s home. If you are drinking Kaveri water, then you have imbibed​ ​some molecules ​of ​us​, and of the elephants and bamboos and mosses and ​other ​humans and mists ​and frogs ​in our​ area. Now where do they end, and where do you begin?

The questions that drive my​ work, in restoration, education, writing and activism, as well as this talk are very simple. Where do you end and where does your home begin?

Where does your home end and where​ does the environment begin?

Where does the environment end and​…..?

​I​ will share some excerpts from​ my​ writings and talk about ​some of ​the connections ​I​ perceive, as well as the work of​ my ​friends and community.